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Types of legal assistance and lawyer's role in rendering assistance
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About types of legal assistance and lawyer's role to render assistance:
questions on all aspects of law
  • drawing up projects, marriage contracts, other types of contracts
  • legal expert examination of your documents
  • drawing up different applications, claims, appeals to court and other authorities
  • representing client interests for authorities, custom and tax authorities
  • representing client interests in civil, administration and economic affairs in court, court of appeal, arbitrage through all the stages
  • defense on the preliminary investigation through all the stages
  • participation and negotiation with the other party to contract, argument's settlement during the pretrial stage
  • serving real estate deals
  • legal serving for legal entities and individuals
  • participation into the bankruptcy process
  • registration, re-registration, re-organization of legal entities in all types of legal forms.

Name: Victor I. Palmu

Education: 1971 - Law department of the Leningrad State University

Experience: From 1972 up to date working at the Leningrad State college of lawyers.
Won more than 100 cases, including range of the most difficult criminal cases, which had finished with absolutory sentences.
There is no exaggeration to say that many people owe their lives to him.
Professional preferences:   
- dealing with criminal cases;
- organization of complex defense in group cases;
- dealing with motoring offences;
- legal management of business.

Hobby: chess, hunting, autosport


Name: Mikhail V. Lebedev

Education: Leningrad Shipping Institute,
Law department of the Leningrad State University

Experience: Working at The Leningrad State college of lawyers now.

Professional preferences:   
- bankruptcy of enterprises (arbitrage manager license);
- arbitrage cases, including tax arguments;
- criminal cases related to economy crimes offences, illegal drug and weapon business;
- civil cases: divorce process and succession arguments.

Hobby: Sailing sport, boxing, fishing, hunting .


Name: Palmu Maria Victorovna

Education: Law department of the Leningrad State University

Experience: Working at The Leningrad State college of lawyers now.
Specializing at the economy law. Serving for a few big firms in a full complex of juridical questions during 5 last years.

Professional preferences:   
- enterprise's registration, including correcting of constituent documents (all types of legal forms according to current legislation);
- criminal cases related to economy crimes;
- civil cases - full range of services;
- specialist in making divorce contracts.
Hobby:    Arabic language, slalom skiing, autosport.

Name: Nikita V. Tarasov

Education: He graduated with honors from St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University.

Experience: At the present time - Lawyer of the St. Petersburg City Bar Association. Member of the Association of International Law in Russia
Lecturer of Civil Law and Procedure of the State School of Economics

Professional preferences:
- Protection of consumer rights
- housing disputes
- appeal against actions of governmental authorities
- inheritance disputes
- family disputes
- criminal cases on crimes connected to drug trafficking
- protection of the interests of victims in criminal cases

Hobbies: classical music, guitar.

Name: Petr D. Ivanov

Degree: Candidate of Law, Associate Professor
Education: Law Department of Leningrad State University in 1989;
International Banking Institute (St. Petersburg) in 1999

Experience: From 1989 to 1992 he worked as an investigator, Art. Investigator of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the Leningrad.
In 1992, after passing the qualifying examinations, was admitted to the bar.
From 2003 to 2009 assistant professor of legal department of one of the largest universities of St. - Petersburg.
In 2009, in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation was appointed a judge of the Court of Arbitration.
In 2011 he returned to the bar.
He is the author more than 15 scientific works and articles on a variety of criminal, civil and private international law.

Professional preferences:
- The bankruptcy of enterprises (including the bankruptcy of foreign firm branches)
- Arbitration cases (including construction contracts and debt collection)
- Criminal proceedings (including an economic focus)
- Cases involving violations of the antitrust laws
- Legal support

Hobbies: Yoga, Skiing

Name: Vladimir V. Bryukhov

Graduated from law school at Leningrad State University in 1983. Then carried out detective work at the Main Bureau of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, holding the following positions: Chief of Investigative units in the Petrogradsky and Vasileostrovsky districts, Deputy, and First Deputy Chief of the Main Investigation Department of the Main Bureau of Internal Affairs.
From 2001, after retirement for length of service, held the position of an Attorney of the St. Petersburg City Bar Association.
In 2007 returned to civil service and worked in the Leningrad Oblast Prosecutor's office as a prosecutor and senior Prosecutor in the Department for participation of prosecutors in respect to court criminal cases, and then as Deputy and Chief of the Criminal Court Office.
Starting in 2014, again worked in advocacy practice and now works in the NGO "Saint-Petersburg Bar Association "Alibi" (registration number 1738 in the Register of Attorneys of the Bar Association of the Leningrad region).
Specialization: criminal defense, including crimes in the sphere of economic and entrepreneurial activity, preliminary investigation and litigation support in general courts, including courts with jury trials.
Has experience in representing clients in civil, arbitration, and administrative proceedings.

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